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In order to ensure the complete safeguarding of your assets we recommend using a Swiss bank account.

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Swiss Private Banking Services can offer you private wealth management, private banking, trust formations, company formation, asset protection, investment strategies, tax minimilisation strategies and more…

Working with a top Swiss Bank, they have an global clientel of corporate and private clients. Swiss Private Bank Services can provide international tax advice, private swiss bank accounts,wealth management, asset protection, commercial and business banking and investment strategies.

Setting up a Swiss Private Bank Account is simple.

For High Net Worth Individuals wishing to deposit or invest $500,000 USD or more contact us to speak to a Swiss Private Banker, please feel free to ask about any of our services you are unsure about such as:

  • Asset Protection Services
  • Investment Solutions
  • Anonymity
  • Numbered Accounts
  • Trust Formations
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Solutions
  • Inheritance Planning

An appropriate expert can render a general introduction to their services via telephone and then offer to meet you wherever it is convenient for you, in one of their banks in Switzerland, in one of their professional offices around the world or even at your home if you so wish.

If you have over $500,000 and would like your assets protected click here for advice. Upon completion of our appointment request form, their private banking experts will endevour to help you to open an account for you as soon as possible

Swiss Bank Accounts

A Swiss Bank Account is accessible to people all over the world. Opening a Swiss account with a Swiss bank is almost the same as opening an account with any bank, and provided one has good reason to do so, provides some useful advantages over banking in many countries.

Firstly and foremost Swiss law decrees absolute secrecy of banking details in all civil matters including divorce, lawsuits, creditor claims, inheritance disputes and the like. This secrecy does not extend to any activities that are criminally related, but the Swiss authorities do not regard tax evasion as a criminal offence (it is regarded as a political matter).

There are other advantages to opening a Swiss bank account which are more applicable to the common person. Switzerland is a politically and socially stable economy, with a reliable legal system and a history of economic prosperity. TheSwiss have a long standing tradition of excellence in banking which has been legitimately earned and their bankers offer outstanding levels of experience, knowledge and service.

Furthermore, the Swiss banking system is based on the concept of a full service bank, with banks performing services such as securities brokerage, investment and portfolio management. Due to the history and reputation of Swiss Banking, it is now regarded as the safest place to safeguard wealth.

If you are likely to be dropping into Switzerland at any time then you can simple drop into one of the banks and open an account in person. Its handy in this case to have some record of past earnings just to prove to the bank that you are on the ‘up’ and you would also need to be carrying the minimum deposit in one shape or form.

If you value your hard-earned cash then opening an account via the mail is the best option. Choosing this option is time consuming as you have to wade through the huge variety of services that Swiss banks offer, however it is your money so a little extra time spent finding out how to best use it is not a bad way to go.

About Swiss Private Bank

Swiss Private Bank .com are agents for a top Swiss Bank, the preferred choice for wealthy individuals and corporations seeking to utilise the knowledge of Switzerlands most experienced private bank.

Swiss Private Bankers build relationships with their clients and structure Wealth Planning to suit their personal needs. The financial expertise of the Swiss Bankersand their efficient wealth planning help produce prolific accounts for their clients.

Visit Swiss Private Bank .com and they can help you to open a Private Swiss Bank Account in a secure and professional manner.

Services offered by Swiss Private Banks

Bank Account

Asset Management

Private Banking

Venture Capital

Islamic Banking

Fund Management

Wealth Planning

Inheritance Planning

Investment Solutions

Family Office

Trust Formation

Asset Protection

Wealth Management

Retirement Planning

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